1 M Belden Iconoclast BAV RCA interconnects

For sale, a 1 M pair of Belden Iconoclast BAV RCA interconnects. Porobably less than 20 hours of use. Just not my cup of tea and I have a surplus of cables at the moment. 65 dollars including postage within the US. If interested please PM here or email me at lonjazz@yahoo.com Thanks!

I’ll take them

Great. PM me or email me and we’ll get it going.

Curious which cables you prefer. I’m a Cardas fan. I use mostly mid-grade Cardas ICs and power cables. Some Audioquest and Furutech too.

I spent big bucks (even though most are used and demos) early last decade on VooDoo Cable Stradivarius Cremona and Amati interconnects for my main system. I really love them. I’ve sampled others for my second speaker system and my headphone only system. My second favorite is Graphite Audio so far. My big money budget is gone so now I’ll keep an ear out for used ones from that company.