12 volt trigger


Thanks for the replies!

If is was an ‘easy to fix’, I wish they would :sweat_smile:

I’m happy to live with this personality quirk for what the preamp brings to my enjoyment.
That is, once the 12V trigger issue is resolved as I like the convenience of the remote control. :pig2:

I am loving the BHK preamp / 250 combo! Thanks Paul!


Hi Paul,

Jeremy has the document from Darren,

c156 needs a clip; 12-071-01-X-ASY-E3

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I’ve never lived outside of California, except years '86-'89 at Snowbird, UT…hopefully a good distributor is not far away.

Jeremy has likely messaged you already, it is simple but all things are relative. :slight_smile:

I suppose if they made relays quieter they probably wouldn’t work as well or cost 10x. I suspect BHK is removing amplification MOSFET stages out of the circuit when they are not required.

Viola Lee Blues is playing right now - muy bueno - I’ve got 24 hours on it and it’s gone through 3 distinct stages and I’m enjoying all of it.

I probably won’t do the fix until I’m ready to roll to tubes in a month or so.



Hi Everyone,

I just received my PS 15 Power Plant and the sound is awesome. I have tried to use the power delay features to shut down my amps but my Benchmark AHB2 amps fault out when power is lost and need to be turned on manually when the power comes back on even though I have an “auto on” feature initiated on the amps. I have two of them and a Pass X-250 which works fine on startup and shut down via power to the outlet. All three amps have 12v triggers. I would like to control how they start up (after my Mini DSP sound processor starts and shut down before the Mini DSP or I will get an agonizing speaker thump) and also take advantage of the IR control that the unit is advertised as using, I have copied the text below. I called for assistance and the rep told me I could access these controlls through PowerPlay but it is nowhere to be found there. Please let me know how I can take advantage of these awesome features.

Also just to note there is a lot more information online about each of the features that the Powerplant has then is in the user guide that came with the machine. You may want to update that. . .

Thanks for your help,

IR and trigger controls
In the back of the P15, there are two mini jacks that can be assigned as either an IR input or output or a DC trigger transmitter or receiver. For the IR capabilities, the P15 can be assigned up to 15 separate IR commands for any zone and these IR broadcasts can be triggered by any number of assignable events. This helps P15 owners maintain complete control over not only the AC power, but by directly controlling that same equipment through a remote control.

If you have equipment that needs a DC trigger to turn it on or off remotely, you can assign one of the mini jacks to be either the sending or receiving unit for these commands and remotely turnon/off equipment or have that equipment remotely turn on/off the P15.


Indeed, if you’re registered online and if your P15 is registered to you you should be able to control the turn on through PowewrPlay. I’ll ask Jeremy to give you some assistance on Monday. Let us know if you get it figured out in the meantime.


Hi HiFiDream,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this and sorry to hear that you’re having trouble.

The trigger input will turn the unit on and off.
The trigger output follows the state of the main on/off function.

If you have equipment that needs a DC trigger to turn it on or off remotely, you can remotely turn on/off equipment or have that equipment remotely turn on/off the P15.
There is not a developed solution through the remote control to operate just the trigger function.

I really hope this is helpful.
If not please let me know and I’ll be happy to assist further.


  • Jeremy


Hi Brett, (or anybody else that would like to reply).
I have a trigger issue with my new BHK Pre and BHK 300s not playing nice together with respect to triggering on/off. It seems to be quite faulty with inconsistent results. I notice that there was talk of snipping C156 in the Pre - as that is the fault, is this the case? On what board revisions should this apply?
I have peaked at the innards of the pre- and my C156 is intact.
The main board looks as though it is ‘RJ 94V-0 5017’ (is that the board revision designation)?



I would contact support to confirm the assembly and capacitor #.


Thanks Brett,

I’ve sent an email - and they (support) are onto it.

I’ll post the results here when I get word.