18 Piece Room Tunes PKG price REDUCED (SOLD)

Marked down from $400, was $299, now asking $250 OBO for the packet of 18 pieces. They are off white.image They are clean, in excellent condition, come from a smoke and pet free home. Music Direct was asking $430 for 4 strips, 4 corners and 2 panels. I need to sell these to fund a KLH Nine rebuild.

I treated my stereo room with Room Tunes and it made a huge difference in the acoustics, by eliminating room slap, and improving imaging and low level detail. This is a good deal for someone.

Any mounting “hardware” included…?


I’m not the seller, but unless something has changed since I bought them, they just attach with small thumbtacks into the drywall.

What works better than thumb tacks or velcro strips is clear push pins. you can get them anywhere they sell office supplies!

Excellent idea.

The pieces look heavier than what push pins or thumb tacks would be able to hold.

I have mine all mounted with push pins! Have never had one come loose or fall down. I personally am shocked that anyone would sell their Roomtunes once they have experienced what they do for the sound of their system. I love mine.

not the most attractive wall art

I have a dedicated listening room. To me enjoyment of the music and the sonic presentation win out over the eye appeal. In my room the benefit of Roomtune is significant! I would recommend it to anyone if you want to hear the soundstaging, depth, tonal balance that your system is capable of.

They are fairly light, not unattractive, and I had no problem getting them to stay on the wall using Clear Push Pins in every corner into drywall. I will be happy to include some in the purchase at no extra cost.

They work well. I am selling them because I have moved, and need the money to afford another audio project.

You could use Velcro, but would likely have to staple or sew the Velcro to the underside of the Room Tunes.

Push Pins will be included.

My son wants to buy this collection. Please email him to set up a way to pay you via Pay Pal or whatever. His address is jazzyjack93@hotmail.com his name is Jack. Thanks
John Sinsabaugh

These are now SOLD.