196/24 FLAC Files not playing

New DSD/DMP owner. Playing 192/24 FLAC files drop out for a few seconds every time. This happens on both USB thumb drive in the DMP and when streamed using Cambridge Audio CXN via digital coax to DSD. 96/24 FLAC files play fine. These are HD Tracks downloads that prior to DSD/DMP the CXN played fine going to Parasound P5 preamp, which is still in the chain.

Thanks is advance for any assistance.

07/25/17 - Jeremy at customer service gave me a prompt reply to my e-mail. Tried just one file on thumb drive, played fine. Tried entire DSD album on another thumb drive and played fine. My first thumb drive had ten hi-res albums on it, too much information to process. And thank you Peanut Butter.

Still have buffering with CXN streaming 192/24 or better files.

08/03/17 - No more buffering issues! Listened to DSD and 192/24 FLAC files all weekend via CXN with no issues. Not sure why I had them, not sure why they’re gone.

Not sure what to suggest about the coax issue, but for the thumb drive try wiping the drive and recopying the files one at a time. It’s possible the drive is fragmented and the DMP is having difficulty accessing the scattered bits of the files before its buffer runs out.