200C vs.200Delta?


I have one 200Delta (balanced with XLR’s version) and am thinking it might be cool to get another to vertically bi-amp a Magnetic Planar speaker set-up. Is the 200Delta a slightly improved 200C, or do listeners prefer the C version? I’m interested in another 200Delta because it would allow me to run balanced lines to each amp, each of them right behind one speaker.


The Deltas were a completely different design than the 200C so for what you want to do, you really need to stick with a Delta if you can find one.


Thanks Paul. My only excuse for thinking my 200 is a Delta is my agesad_gifand the fact that I hadn’t looked inside the box it has been in for about ten years. I looked today, and it is actually the C version of the 200. I got it used from Brooks Berdan (R.I.P., old friend), who recommended it for use with his personal Infinity RS-1b’s which he sold me. I never did try it, but I’m going to now with a new pair of speakers Mrs. Berdan just ordered me. The reason I was hoping to be able to vertically bi-amp was so that I could run balanced lines to each amp, which would be placed right behind each speaker, and hooked up to the amps with short speaker cables (1ft.). Of course, the 200C does not have XLR input jacks, so I may as well place the single 200C right between the two speakers and run longer speaker wires to each of them. Unless I get another 200C, and do the vertical biamp. So Paul, was the 200C your baby, and the 200Delta Bob O’Neal’s?


The 200C was actually Bob Odell’s baby, although I helped a lot with the physical execution of the chassis and buss bar system of power delivery. Circuit wise, this was all Bob Odell and it’s a great amp. One of his best efforts.

The Deltas were after I left the company and what I can tell you is Greg Shug from Monolithic Sounds in Nipomo California was mostly responsible for that design, although I imagine Bob probably helped. Greg also built the Infinity IRS woofer amps, but those were designed by Bascom King.