2018 Thanksgiving Sale

Hello Paul,

Can you let us know what you’ve planned for this year’s sale? Thx.


There won’t be a Thanksgiving black/Friday sale. However, there’s something short and sweet centered around DS coming up next week. Stay tuned.



Oh please don’t let there be a sale! My credit card is about to burst into flames…


Paul will this something short and sweat involve the PWD to DS upgrade kit by any chance?


BOGO maybe…

I’m thinking stickers.

Scratch and sniff maybe.

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Everlasting Gobstopers

Cat out of the bag maybe?

No stickers?

Sure…why not.


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They also have the same deal on the DMP transport: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis97bgf-ps-audio-directstream-memory-player-new-transport-sale-save-2000-00-transports

If this is true that’s a pretty exceptional deal. Are trade ins also valid for this sort of stuff?

From past experience I would say no trade-ins, but until we see an official release from PS Audio we won’t know for sure.

Would fantastic if that were the case, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out regardless!

Paul, any updates ? I live in Hong Kong and bought BHK300 last Thanksgiving. Thanks. Stephen

It has been stated elsewhere that the only “specials” this year will be the DS Sr. and DMP at $3995 each for a limited time. Not sure if similar pricing is applicable outside the US. No other specials have been hinted at nor should be expected …