250 delta monoblocks

does anyone have a user manual or specs for the PS Audio 250 Delta monoblocks? I have scoured the internet and found very little information on them. Specifically looking for input impedance and input sensitivity, but any info would be appreciated. Thanks

Welcome to the forum. Hopefully Paul will see this and chime in with some information or a link to what you need. Perhaps someone else here can help too.


Thanks so much!

I wish I could remember accurately for you. They were made not at a time I was there. My best guess would be 33KΩ

I found a quotation from the manual in an expired Audiogon ad. Paul has a good memory. The manual listed the input impedance as 30K ohms. There was no mention of input sensitivity.

Thank you so much for your responses. I bought these used awhile back and am just now getting around to playing with them. I like what I have heard so far! Definitely some very solidly built amps.