2c plus amp parts

I have several older two c plus amps. I love them, but the capacitors are starting to go out and I am looking for a suggestion on replacements. The one I am currently looking for is a Sangamo dcm 173u040ae2a 17,000 if 40v ec. It came from an amp with four caps and can be switched to mono. Any suggestion as to a brand or source for these caps would be appreciated. Sometimes they pop up on eBay but it is rare.
Also if anybody has a manual for these amps that would be great. I have several that are different, there is the one I mentioned with 4 caps and I have some with only two caps and can be switched to mono and some with two caps that cannot be switched.

Any decent 17,000mF cap will be fine. Though, 10,000mF are more common. If it were me, I’d find a couple of 10,000mF caps (any voltage that’s 40 or higher will do) and parallel them. More capacitance is just fine.

Thank you!