2x TP-LINK MC200CM Gigabit Media Converter,

I have a long ethernet run from my computer room to my living room where the audio equipment is. I want to use the TP-LINK between router and switch to knock out line noise but the Directstream Jr. doesn’t pull an IP address when I do that. Both the NAS and Sonic Transporter i5 pulls an IP address. Unplug the TP-LINK and the Directstream jr. pulls an IP address. Running updated Bridge and Redcloud. All network equipment on the audio side is plugged into a Netgear switch…thanks…dl

Have you thought about trying one of the TP Link wi-fi extenders instead. I use this one with the DS and it works like a charm. There are models above and below it plus if you get it from Amazon you have 30 days to try it out.


Chris at CA tested and recommended the model above mine.

dawkinsj said Chris at CA tested and recommended the model above mine.
The RE650?

Yes, that’s it.


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