4 x M700s

I recently had the opportunity to listen to 4 x M700s driving a pair of speakers with the Stellar DAC. In my opinion the results was very impressive as it had plenty power, dynamics and sound control. You can hear the separations in the music mix very clearly.

Just one question pop up in my mind. Although the music was very well separated, and you could be crank up the volume to 60 it sounded effortless – I just don’t know it that’s how one would listen to music (meaning all parts are well separated). Probably this is the right way, but I have never heard something like that before. Just a thought.

Do try this setup, see what you guys think.

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking whether hearing the separation of instruments/images clearly is how one would want to listen to music.

My love of high end audio is based around the ability for a system to render space and create palpable images in the room. As an engineer I have found that many things can interfere and limit a systems ability to be transparent to the source material in this fashion.

Some of the issues that can impede on an amplifiers ability to present this information are aspects such as intermodulation distortion, harmonic distortion, phase distortion, and transient performance. Finally, all of those distortions affect the tonal balance that the amplifier presents, which is absolutely critical for most people.

Hopefully this answers your question :slight_smile: