432Hz Retuned Music

It is an amazing sounding music server with well great hardware specs and a purpose-built and well implemented software design, which it definitely explained in detail on the website, aside for the 432Hz re-tuning function. It can be run bit perfect with no filtering/processing and it sounds glorious. Fredrik spent his career prior to audio as a Linux software guru. It is through this deep expertise in Linux that he is able to tune the software to the hardware so well. It is incredibly efficient in resource usage. It is finless andI run it 24/7 and it doesn’t even get warm. Literally I can put my had on it and not feel any heat whatsoever.

Uuugh! 12-strings! Shoot me! Very cool, but definitely an instrument you want a tech for ; ). Used to have a D20-12. Made me nuts. Now I’m going with using two sixes for that sound - one in standard tuning and the other Nashville : )

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I did at one point try tuning my acoustic guitar using a guitar tuner so that it was theoretically in perfect tune. It sounded OKish, but not brilliant. When I tweaked the tuning by ear it sounded much better. That attempt was something of a full circle. When I got my first guitar 58 years ago I started by using a tuning fork to set one string and then tuning the others from it. I quickly learned it was more satisfactory just to tune by ear. Chords sounded better.

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Yeah exactly that - put 'em in “perfect” tune and it takes no account of the instrument itself and its habits and foibles :slight_smile:

Pretty much any guitar with a perfectly straight saddle won’t be perfect intonation🤷🏻‍♂️

And probab;y better for it, at least in some keys :slight_smile:
Mind you, my mumblings and musings are mostly related to acoustic guitars, I think electrics can have slightly better tuning characteristics, and are more fun if you turn it up!

Yes - just talking acoustic. A lot of electrics you can get with individual saddles

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This one is designed that way:

And this one was custom filed when it was rebuilt. A bit hard to see, but the edge the strings are laying on varies due to filing the saddle fore and aft.


that bottom pic looks like a nice bit of work.
Confession - I’ve not picked up my guitars for around 4 years (though they are in cases in the corner of the music room should they be required again :slight_smile: )

Yes, Bach at a relaxed pitch is a different experience.

I am a trumpet player, both modern and Baroque.

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An interesting article bringing scientific research into the discussion of the effects of 432Hz vs 440Hz music…

And, straight to the point:

Anyway, still loving my 432 EVO Aeon music server and gosh dang-it… I feel good! :relaxed:

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The discussion of what music to use and how is interesting as well.

For sure! I find this stuff fascinating.

Good study in that they properly identified areas requiring further research in terms of music’s (in general) ability to alter anxiety levels and the potential use in professional settings.

The 432Hz specific findings With regard to Cortisol was the first where a “measurement” was conducted and data correlated - from what I can gather.

I additionally enjoy reading these studies as I have been confronted by musical therapists both before scheduled significant surgeries as well as after, as well as after surgeries following serious accidents.

The “soothing” music they offer is apparently appealing to others but it makes me wish for a violent death to whatever instrument they are carrying and for all recordings in their possession.

It fascinates me others actively enjoy listening to new age, ambient, etc.

I would like to know specifically what music they used.

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