5.5 preamp and 200c signature manuals and schematics .

Hi , this is my first post and I know these are old products of yours but thought I’d check to see if you still had any info available . I have a 4.6 pre and a 200c signature amp that I have been enjoying for sometime and the other day I acquired a 5.5 pre with the M500 pwr supply . The 5.5 works but needs some attention , it clearly has a burnt resistor on the board right behind the mute/straightwire/high level selector that the coding stripes are no longer visible and the balance control does not reduce db’s on the left and on the right it works until the last attentuation then switches to the left channel . I suspect this is just a dirty switch . The switch actually looks like it can be taken apart to clean . The balance is equal in the center position . This preamp has quite a few more selective functions than my 4.6 , eg. straightwire LR/RL and cartridge loading selection switches so a operation manual along with a schematic would be helpful . It also appears that the phono stage is MC only ? It would also be nice to have schematics and value/adjustment info on the 200c . The serial number on the 5.5 is 1334 and the 200c is 1172 . The M500 is 0244 . Hopefully you can help me out or maybe some other members may have info . Thanks , Rick

Contact us at serive@psaudio.com and we can get you a schematic.

Thank you very much for your reply Paul . Jeremy Bretey sent me a pdf of the 5.5 owners manual but couldn’t supply a schematic for either the 5.5 or the 200c . No worries , I’ll figure it out . I’m looking forward to hearing the 5.5 as the 4.6/M500 has already given me many hours of listening enjoyment . Thanks again , Rick