6DJ8-type tubes for your BHK poweramps, several brands--all SOLD


Finally I’m getting around to clearing my excess 6DJ8-type tubes I bought for my BHK300s (and more). These were all new (= 'NOS) (except as indicated) and have only break-in hours (around 100) on them. PLEASE don’t ask me how they sound–each of us hears differently, each of us prefers different sounds, and each of us has different-sounding systems of differing resolution. They all worked correctly in my '300s (which I still LOVE LOVE LOVE!), and I’ll warrant that they work correctly in your PSA poweramps. All of these are quads, that is, four tubes and I’ll NOT split them. I’ll use insured Priority Mail that’ll cost you $7, I accept only PayPal and will absorb PP’s fees, and I’ll mail ONLY to PayPal-verified addresses and ONLY in the 48 states. DO NOT ask me to mail to any other country.

Except for the last batch of 15 tubes, I warrant that each tube operates correctly in your BHK poweramps; these are NOT warranted to be of low-enough noise to use in a preamp, as I didn’t listen to them in any preamp…but I heard NO difference in noise levels (= no noise at all) used in my poweramps. If you e-mail me that one doesn’t work in your BHK poweramp, I’ll refund to you your prorated purchase price (not including shipping); you get to toss the tube.

Siemens-Rohre PCC88/7DJ8. TWO quads. Prices on eBay are all over; my price for ONE QUAD is $140.

SOLD (2).--------------Tungsram PCC88 by Upscale Audio. New $40 each = $160 per quad; my quad $120.

SOLD (1)------------MATSUSHITA 7DJ8/PCC88 packaged and sold by National, a division of Richardson. Made in Japan. Prices on eBay are around $80 per quad; mine are $50 for the quad.

Voskhod 6H23P from The Tube Store, where they are now $20 each for used ones. My quad $50.

SOLD (1)------------National 6922/ECC88, made in Japan; DO NOT confuse these with those made in USSR. NOS tubes on eBay are $22 each plus shipping; my quad only $60.

FIFTEEN various Mullards (6) and Amperexes (5) (British-made), Electroharmonix (2), Brymar (1), and Philips ECG (1) 6DJ8/ECC88/6922-type tubes. Most were purchased as used; all were tested using the super-duper computerized testing system I can’t remember the name of; all values pretty close and high and indicated on each box. I accumulated most of these when I owned a conrad-johnson MET5 five-channel poweramp. NO warranty on this batch of 15 tubes. All 15 for $100…I just want to be rid of them.

PLEASE REPLY via e-mail to jeffreybehr(at)cox(dot)net with something like ‘6DJ8s on PSA forum’ as the message subject. First-received-e-mail message, first served. Offers entertained for more than one batch of tubes, but don’t insult me; these prices are already below normal market value.

(1) sold Sep 21.
(2) Sold Sep 22.

Email sent

Tubes received. The National 6922 (National 157-0125-00) were determined to be 6DJ8s.

All tubes checked ok.