A Problem with Jr

Hello all,

Loving my DSJR, but have had a couple glitches and am looking for a diagnosis.

I have had the Junior since Sat.
I am using Tidal and Mconnect Control
I was getting a lot of delay errors… where the “busy” spinning circle would just spin and spin…I would be told format not supported, I would have to click “ok” and then the song would play. I also get an all of a sudden loud static crackel with in an out audio, like a shorting mic cable or guitar cable.

I replaced a cat5 Data cable with a cat7 and now on some records (North Texas Wind “Passions”) I get an abrupt stop 1-2 seconds before the end of one song then 2 seconds of silence then the next song would either play or not, or play and then stop completely.

the sudden static crackle with in an out audio still happens as well but seems to be less.

I am also getting a song start, play for 2 seconds then start over…

Whats the issue Doctor?

I am going to shut it down and re-boot

Thank you,

Do you have the same issue with Spotify playback?

Interesting question.

Made me think I have been too quick to dismiss your opinions.

Although I have used both Spotify and tidal through my previous Dacs… I have not actually tried spotify through the DSJR which puts egg all over my face as to my previous responses to you.

That being said…i dont want to risk signing up for spotify again only to find that I was right before.

Dang…i guess I dont have a choice but to try again…

I will try and report back.

Anyone else want to chime in on spotify vs tidal sound quality through the PSJR?


Definitely sounds like network troubles. Reboot routers and modems too.

Thanks Paul

Paul considering DSJR converts everything to DSD, will spotify sound the same or worse than Tidal through the DSJR?

Seriously? $11/month. Cancel any time. What’s to lose?

$11 is $11…if it takes me 10 seconds to find out the premis is wrong…that’s $660 an hour :confused:

If the sound quality of Spotify doesn’t impress you there is likely to be room for improvement in your hardware.

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I am not sure you can make a relationship. The DSJ converts everything to DSD but in the end that means an even playing field for what you feed into it. Put in compressed and low resolution audio and it’s obvious that’s what you did. And put in something lossless and well mastered and what you get out is glorious. I suspect Spotify will sound worse than Tidal because Spotify is compressed MP3-like streaming while Tidal’s premium service gives you uncompressed original content.

Does Spotify offer a lossless option in your end of the world? In the States, we get 160kbps and 320kbps compressed audio via Spotify.

I do not believe they do.

As far as I know it’s 320 kbps…

That would have been hilarious if Brod has Lossless Spotify… :slight_smile:

I was using a proxy on my phone which I was using as a DS controller, I closed the proxy and have had no issues since. Jeremy was helping me out.

So if it ever comes up again you will have the “Dennison Solution” TM :slight_smile:

Never mind…just happened again. I got a start of a track for 2 seconds and then a restart ???



I’m assuming that when you received your DSJ on Saturday you just connected it into your network where everything including was already up and running? If that is the case try turning everything in the network chain that would affect the DSJ off all the way back to the router. Then one at a time turn them back on starting with the router forward to any switches/AP’s/Extenders then the DSJ and last the control device which in your case is the phone. Important to let every piece fully boot up before moving to the next. See if that solves your problem if you haven’t tried it already, but also know that in some parts of the country Tidal is just buggy and has been since last Summer.

Thanks buddy ! Will do

Are there any viable options other than Tidal?


Well there is Spotify but it is only 320 mps instead of FLAC. The option I am using is Qobuz but for now the only way to get it in the US is to temporarily set up a VPN and set up the account as if in UK or Ireland for English menus using Paypal to pay. Once it is setup remove the VPN. It has been flawless for me since September and sounds better to me than Tidal. Bonus if you are a Classical or Jazz lover is that it has more extensive libraries of each. They claim it will be available in the US this summer but who knows.

Thanks…i will try that ! I am a classical guy surely…some balkey and monk too…oh and lee mogan…and some dead can dance :grin: