AC-12 power cord


Fake. If they can make a 2m fake they can also make a 3m fake. Previously PS Audio have offered to verify a cable, if you send it to them. AGon also intervene to get your money back if you’ve been sold a fake. This topic has been discussed extensively for years.


Thanks Broderick and Paul. I actually worked with Duncan on the weighing part early on for the 2m fakes from that guy in Michigan. I am pretty ok with using it as a guide for verification.

I was just hoping I could send my pic of me weighing it with the Audiogon link and get a probable yes or no.

Oh and I can’t find anyone who has 3m ac-12s available.


I’ve got one. I’ll try and weigh it and PM you the weight. But the ultimate help, if you’ve ended up with a fake, and let’s hope you haven’t, is of course PSA customer support.


Thanks Broderick I PMd you as well just now with the cable weight I had and some other stuff.

Really very nice of you!!




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While we are on the topic, is PSA actually replacing cables at this time? The notes sent out by Jeremy Bretty said that replacements would be in stock in July.


Replacements, as in new model?


Replacements as in replacing counterfeit versions.