advice - hooking 2 turntables to NPC?


I have two turntables, one is dedicated mono, and am concerned about continually swapping them (plugging / unplugging) into the back of my NPC. I make a lot of needledrops / vinyl transfers, so want the ability to run either/both tables through the NPC when I am making a recording.

Are there any recommended approaches, A/B switchboxes, or other methods you would recommend to prevent wear and tear, yet let me have the SQ?




Hi Bill,

I think you may have answered your own question in that the only way to add an additional turntable to the NPC is via some sort of A/B switching arrangement (mechanical switch, high quality sealed relay, etc.). Alternatively, another phono amp who’s output is connected to the “line in” of the existing NPC would also do the job although that could get expensive depending on the quality of the additional phone amp.

Depending on how often you disconnect/reconnect one of the phonographs, the wear may not be all that great but I understand where you are coming from.

Let us know what you decide,



Unless you’re using two very similar cartridges, you will also need to adjust the loading and gain settings each time you switch inputs. While changing the gain on the front panel is a snap, fussing around with the loading settings on the back of the unit may be somewhat more taxing.


Right, I am running an Ortofon Quintet Mono and an AT33PTG/II, so I may occasionally be flipping the dip switches, but with a mirror, that is pretty simple in my setup. My concern was undue wear and tear, but it may be something of a non-issue, the unit is very sturdy, the plugs seem well mounted to the case, not simply the PCB.