Advice needed: KEF Reference 1 Speaker, DS DAC, MCINTOSH C500 - BHK250?

I am a very proud owner of the direct stream Dac - one of the best I have listened to in my life - changed the way my whole system sounded.

Advice needed: KEF Reference 1 Speaker, DS DAC, MCINTOSH C500 is my current equipment and I am considering to get BHK250 for power amplification… I am not sure if this pairing will work… yet to hear it and I plan to request for an in home trial…

Appreciate if you all can share any experience in trying the speakers / combination especially with McIntosh tube pre… And BHK 250? Or should I go for the M1200? (Very sad that I missed out on the Beta :slight_smile:)


If you can manage, I’d lean towards the BHK 250. What a sweet system that’d be.


Thanks so much… my first post on this forum… being replied to by the CEO… it’s a privilege. Just ordered the BHK 250. :slight_smile:


Don’t mix Class D in your setup, so if can’t afford BHK, look at another Class A/B amp.

Thanks… I ordered the BHK 250 this morning after reply from Paul.


Awesome, hope you got a good deal!

I got one of the sweetest deals from a dealer… unfortunately for the price I had to choose the dealer over directly ordering from PSAudio.

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I wish I had room, to order one. Hope they make a SMALLER BHK for ppl living in condos, but it may compete too directly with Stellar. Congrats, let us know how you like it.

Sure will do… things shipping a little slow - will keep posted once I set up…

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It’s a great amp and, I believe, we be a great combo. Please do stay on the forums and report your findings after setup and break in.

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Thoughts on the differences between the M1200 and BHK250?

That’s a toughie. To be honest I have only compared the M1200 vs. the BHK 300 mono blocks. There, the BHKs are clearly better, though the M1200 nicely narrows the gap. I simply do not know.

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Sure will do!! Still waiting for the shipping to arrive…
Any suggestions on power cables <500$ to go with this?

I saw your Audio quest recommendations… i have AC12s already in my system… would you recommend more or should I consider Audioquest…

Checking in on this… for suggestions.

I was going through a thread on BHK 250 VsBHK 300

One more question: I have an option to go the BHK 300 route instead of the 250 (In Ground Shipping to me now) if needed… only reason I considered this is in the future if I upgrade the amps would be future proof…

The person selling me the 300 has the Silver… my system is fully black. I cannot have the silver one which is my only concern… ( since I already paid for the 250 I only need to pay the difference)

PS Audio Team - can u comment if you can help provide face plates to switch out / if yes, is it easy to switch to the black front and side face plates by a customer himself or you would not recommend this route…

I will also call and see in the morning if PS AUDIO support can help… appreciate if you can share your inputs…

To change the front panel isn’t complicated if you possess a modicum of engineering acumen but, if you are an engineering neophyte, then best to send back to PS Audio.!

Tools required: Two cross-head screwdrivers. 9/64 Allen key / wrench.

With the amplifier fully disconnected and devoid of all connecting cables.

Remove the 4 hex screws from the top of each radius corner.

With fingers placed under the ridge at the rear panel pull-upwards and carefully remove the top cover.

Remove the plug/cable from the front standby switch.

Turn the amplifier upside down. Slacken the cross-head screws securing the front footers and fully remove both front footers.

Remove 5 small cross-head screws from the bottom plate (NB: small screws hidden under front footers hence their removal) securing the front panel to the bottom plate.

Put the amplifier right way up.

Remove 4 hex screws ( two screws per radius corner ) gently pull the front panel away from the amplifier heat-sinks.

You will also have to change the four radius corner pieces.

Both rear radius corners are very easy to swap out.
They are secured to the rear panel with 3 cross-head screws per side - then remove the 2 hex screws per corner piece and the radius corners come away from the amplifier heat-sinks.

The front radius corners are secured to the inside of the front panel with cross-head screws - which are accessible when the front panel is removed from the amplifier .

The blue standby switch is secured by two small cross-head screws.


Thanks so much!

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You’re welcome. Glad to be of help.

Just to keep you all posted… went with the BHK 300 Monoblocks… PS Audio customer support is helping me exchange to the black versions. One of the best companies to work with in terms of support… they made it so much hassle free…

Amps are now in shipping to PS Audio… might be a week or two before I get it…

Thanks everyone for your help… currently working on choosing power, interconnects etc… once the system is set up shall share feedback…

Good to hear it’s all working out for you. Yes, great customer support all round.