Airplay via Apple TV and changing inputs

I recently purchased a PS Audio Perfectwave mkii with Bridge 2 (the newest one) installed.

However, I think I may have rushed into this decision by mistakenly assuming that this would be the equivalent of a full fledged networked preamp device .

I have two questions really,

a) Since it is effectively a preamp-dac with a network connection, can I change inputs using some app on my iphone?

b) If I connect my apple tv to one of the toslink inputs, does the PS Audio automatically detect/activate that input if I select the apple tv as my airplay device on my iphone? Or do I still need to use the PS Audio remote?


p.s. If the answer is no to bothdevil_gif, my unit is up for resale (or for trade with one of the naim uniti products). Feel free to get in touch with me. Its still in its shrinkwrap.

Welcome to the forum. As far as I know the answer to both is “no”. Sorry.

Correct. The only app I know of that ever controlled the inputs via the iPhone was our old eLyric which we no longer support. Unfortunately, I am afraid the answer is no. I am sorry. You could preprogram a learning remote to make these multiple commands…

I’m pretty sure you could with Bridge I using the devices assigned IP address.

Yes you could do that with bridge I. But the bridge II does not support that.


As Paul said the eLyric control point let you change inputs on the PWD so it seems theoretically possible. Unfortunately, eLyric is not available anymore and I haven’t heard of any other program that could do it.

But only using bridge I.


Thanks for your replies.

Thats a real pity. I hope PS Audio does figure out a way to implement this soon. Its a shame that its actually connected to the network but can’t be controlled via the network.

I have a follow up question:

Suppose I connect an apple tv to one of the toslink inputs and this is the currently “active input”.

Now, lets say I am using something like 8player or Linn Kinsky on my iPhone to stream music from a NAS device. Even though the active input is the apple tv, I am guessing these apps can see the bridge 2?. If I start using one of these apps, will the dac automatically switch to playing music from the NAS etc?

Furthermore, once I stop streaming music from the nas, will it automatically switch back to the previously active input (i.e. apple tv).



No it will not.


you could try something like this.

I use the Roomie with iRed, but it is far from IP control. I also have the GC iTach.

Needless to say I am in favor of IP control and believe such manner of operation will be standard on all modern LAN devices (until gesture and voice control becomes standard). I really hope it will become available on the external version of the Bridge II, even though a DAC is not the most critical component subject to such control.

I also believe that using the PSA remote for volume control may be more desirable for SQ than using server volume by ip, as well as the added electronics required for the DS to monitor and sense port activity. Someone has to draw the red line somewhere at this level of equipment. Obama is good at that.angel_gif