Akasa fanless nuc7i7dnhe

Akasa fanless nuc7i7dnhe with wireless antenna added, Crucial 8gb ddr4 SODIMM RAM. Case has tiny nicks on front top edge. 4 holes were drilled into the base of the cooling fins to be able to mount horizontally.

The wireless antennas were removed for safe shipping, and would have to be reinstalled. The original smps power supply, case and box for the intel nuc can be included, but will cost extra 20 for shipping. Let me know if you want the smps alone and I can put it in the nuc box.

This is from a smoke free home. This will not include an operating system but I strongly recommend gentooplayer. I used gentooplayer on a usb stick, then ran ramroot. With the linear power supply I’m also listing (Teddy Pardo 15v/2a) this very easily improved on the bridge ii and was much more stable. As far as the network is concerned, wireless beat being connected to a wifi router bridge, but was not as good as being connected via an etherregen.

I’m asking 500 with shipping to the lower 48 and PayPal fees included. See my feedback same username on audiogon and usaudiomart.