Album Art - Bridge


I’ve had great success with the bridge, JRiver/JRemote for a very long time. Solid connection, reliable and great sound. A problem recently cropped up with album art. Nothing changed in my system but album art works only 50% of the time or less. Previously, album art not displaying correctly only occurred 5% of the time. Not a big enough problem to care about then, but now… it’s really bugging me

Tried rebooting my DS, resetting UPnP, etc. but the general problem persists. Any ideas? Thanks much!!


IIUC, the album art is controlled by the player or controller, not the renderer (the Bridge; although you do of course have to keep an SD card in the DAC–you must be doing this or your art would not have worked all along). For instance, some controllers will use a file named cover.jpg if there is one in the album folder, while others will look on the internet for a cover (if they have connectivity). So this sounds like it might be a JRiver issue. I don’t use JRiver so perhaps those who do can chime in, if my suspicion is correct.


I supposed it could be JRiver. When I said nothing changed, suppose that’s not entirely true. JRiver updates pretty frequently. Just seems unlikely but who knows? In each music folder, there is a folder.jpg which is the album art file. Been ensuring this is the case from day one. Also, yes I have the SD card in my DS. Been the same since day one with the PWD MKII.


magister, thanks for the tip making me look closer at JRiver. JRiver allows you to have JRiver convert the compressed FLAC (or whatever file) into WAV by the server or the renderer. I have always selected to have this conversion done by the server. For whatever reason (couldn’t leave well enough alone), I change to setting within JRiver to Audio Mode: original. I just switch back to Audio Mode: Specified Output Format, PCM 24 bit. Album Art problem solved!!!


Glad you solved it. I’d guess that there is something about those 50% of the files that wouldn’t display album art that is different from those that would. Maybe those that did have the art embedded in the file? Cover.jpg vs folder.jpg? Only JRiver knows for sure.