Almost - Last Trip To Visit Martin Monday 12/30


Driving down to Oak Island Monday 12/30 at 9:00 AM. I am delivering 2 pair of my Cardas XLR terminated Crystal Silver-Clad Crystal Copper Cables.

What he has left to sell:

Von Schweikert 15" powered Sub in piano black

Von Schwiekert wall mount surround speakers - 2

Sonic Frontiers 3 preamp

Martin Logan 433 amp

Martin hates to ship, but I can take your buys to the shop and do that for you.


Somebody buy the pre. Built like a tank, transparent delightful sound. I have absolutely no use for it now, but still miss my SF pre.


@elk And this one has the Full Monty Upgrade from Parts Connextion…if you like their work (which I do not).


@elk I have someone interested in the SF Line 3 Pre with Parts Connection mod to SE+ - does it really take 16 tubes? That’s nuts!

Guess I will find out Monday,


I think it is twelve (lots of 6922 tubes), still nuts.

I don’t know what Parts Connection could do to improve it. It was made with premium parts (Wima, etc.) and measured incredibly well.

Plus a really cool, solid aluminum, flying saucer remote.

Find it a good home!


@elk Will try, Don’t get me started on Parts Connextion. I have some stories to tell.


@elk 12 x 6922 + 2 x 6U8 for power supply = 14 Tubes total.


Of course, power supply!


Leaving Wrightsville Beach for Oak Island at 8:30 EST Monday. We are taking the Jeep so that Shiloh can drive. Have had some PM’s as to what’s still available.

The 2 main items are the Sonic Fontiers SFP-1SE+ (2 x 6922 + 2 x 12AT7 - All Gold Lion) & the SF Line 3SE+ (2 box unit uses 12 x 6922 + 2 x 6U8)

Also VSA Center & Surround speakers in piano black. And, a Vandersteen powered sub also in piano black…13" sub.


Leaving for Oak Island in about 2 hours. Looks as though I am picking up the Mark Levinson 433 for a Forum member. Got to take it to the shop on Saturday for cleaning, DeoxIt system treatment, & S&H.

The sale of the Sonic Frontiers SFP-1SE+ (with the extra mods we did) and the SF-Line3SE+ fell through. The Forum member who was interested did not want to deal with the 14 tubes of the Pre & the 4 of the Phono (BTW, the Phono tubes are brand new Gold Lion gold pin and all 14 NOS tubes in the Pre have less than 2 hours on them - 5 year life expectancy.)

Leaving soon. Shiloh is driving the Jeep. I bet he expects to explore the Oak Island beaches - first time for him.


Back from Oak Island with a 120 pound ML 433 (sold to a Forum member) and the (unsold) Sonic Frontiers 2-Box Preamp Line3SE+. It is amazing to see this beast. The umbilical linking the PW to the Pre is over 1.5" diameter! Weighs plenty. Can’t wait to get it to the shop and tweak it a bit here and there, a thorough cleaning, and a DeoxIt treatment.

Then, I will A-B it with my Conrad Johnson ACT 2 which is stock except for NOS Gold Lion 6922’s. I will let you all know what the results are!

Shiloh joins me in wishing you all a Happy & Safe New Year.


The Line 3 was a SOTA unit at the time, a wonderful piece.

Let us know what you think of the Parts Connection work when you get a chance to look.

I look forward to your comparison report!


@elk SOTA? As in SOTA turntables? I don’t think so - and, I don’t know! A lethal combination.

The coach said to his star player who was playing badly, “Are you ignorant or apathetic?”

The player answered, "I don’t know and I don’t care."

The shipping crate (I will post photos later) which is absolutely huge has the following printed information: “Sonic Frontiers - Breaking the Sound Barrier. SN# 102648” - one of the last ones made according to Chris Johnson.

Elk said:
Let us know what you think of the Parts Connection work when you get a chance to look.
I have seen their work many, many times before including on some PS Audio stuff. Believe me, you do not want to read my thoughts on their work.

Rick Cullen, Cullen Circuits, did 1st rate PSA mods. In fact, all Rick’s work was exceptional. Cullen Circuits is now gone. Rick works for W4S and his son Patrick makes outstanding cables (Cullen Cables) - and this is from someone who makes OEM cables for manufactures you know and love - including one in particular.

birddogthecat said: SOTA?

Sorry - SOTA = state of the art. The manufacturer took over the phrase. I should have remembered this.

birddogthecat said: Rick Cullen, Cullen Circuits, did 1st rate PSA mods.



@elk oh…SOTA…got it. I could not see how that Mom & Pop TT company could absorb Sonic Frontiers. I know them of course from the shows. Great people…among the best in the biz.


Oddly, FUBAR has been commandeered as well.

I’m not sure I would have gone with this as a product name, but I guess that FOOBAR was already taken.

So if you drop your TT down a flight of stairs…“Man, my SOTA is really FUBAR but I can use my SOTA FUBAR to listen to music.”

OK, I’ll admit to maybe too much coffee this morning.



Sonic Frontiers just disappeared into Anthem, its parent company.


@elk I am sure you have read/heard the comments on some of the business practices towards the end of SF.


We ship out Martin’s Mark Levinson 433 to a lucky Forum member Monday. We fully tested, cleaned in & out, boxed, labeled & ready to head out to the northwest.

Tested above spec in all critical areas.

Did I mention HEAVY!!