Alon V mk 3

Happy New Year, A pair of Alon V mk 3 speakers recently became available in my neighborhood. I’ve always been intrigued by their design. I have a full bhk stack and am wondering if anyone has any experience and opinions of these speakers. Ps audio’s own Frank Doris did a review of the mk2 in the absolute sound

Heard them back in the day and was impressed. Open baffle design, reminiscent of the Dahlquist DQ10s. They were on my short list at one time. Drivers may no longer be available and the woofer surrounds may need attention.

The Mk 3 was from 1999-2000 so surrounds should not be an issue. Similar design principles to the Vandersteen Model 2 and 3. I own a pair of Nola K.O.'s which were a progression of the Alon V concept about twelve years later. Carl’s pretty easy to reach so e-mail or call him if you have questions or concerns about them.