Amp demo

Good morning
is there any BHK mono block users willing to bring there Amps to my new place for an afternoon of comparison listening on my IRS v setup . If yes do you have the tube recommend by BHK as well as stock tube to hear . If not I can buy a pair to have on hand as well .
My intension is to buy them and would very much appreciat testing for a few hours on my setup .
My setup,is in queens ny , woodhaven area . It can be any time or day convient to you .
My current Amps are aragons 8008 BB. oddly also designed by mr King , funny right lol.
My cureent cross over is arriving at ps audio this week for making it balanced as well as the external low pass filter section .
i also have Paul’s new cross over in my system now .
You can bring your own music as well . I do not have any analog source to use but I also welcome it as well but you must bring your own preamp too .
Bringing a friend is fine as well.
The sytem is completely on seperate circuits and P10 ,s and P 5 as well.
Dacs to be used are a msb stack and up to date lampi head dac . I also have many tubes to roll as well. .
thanks in advance for any offerings , and I’ll feed you too lol.