An Exquisite Solution that Works



“Blu-ray Pure Audio disc is the media we had been waiting for (uncompressed up to 192kHz/24bit)

DMT 3.7 is the universal transport you have been dreaming of.

Blu-ray Pure Audio discs usually contain several audio streams, such as stereo linear PCM 192kHz, DTS Master Audio, Dolby True HD multichannel… _In order for Blu-ray Pure Audio discs to play seemlessly as regular CDs, JMF Audio developed an algorithm that automatically lists the available streams and selects the high definition stereo stream once the disc is loaded . Thus allowing screen-less operation, without pressing a special key… This function is enabled from the rear panel of the DMT 3.7 with button STREAM AUTO. (Patent pending). “

maybe there’s hope yet…


For a product that has been around for some years now, it was surprisingly difficult to find online a mention of its retail price: 42.300,00 € . I suppose that if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.


At that price seems more like a nightmare.

Another disc format and player that’s DOA.

What would the market for this in 2018 possibly be?

Better hurry up with that Patent…


The optical drive mechanism alone weighs 30 Kg (66 lb)! Yikes, that’s some serious structure. Of course, the price says it all …


(plays all formats i use/own)…it’s a universal player… also utilizing: external HDD, USB drive, network, streaming…CD’s are really old tech, yet the DMP…

as soon as anything is released, it’s almost already old technology :sunglasses:

kinda feel that, at their pricing, they should buy me dinner 1st…