Analog Output vs Digital

Hi all, I am new here. Been watching the YouTube channel and am enjoying Paul and Ted’s expertise! I am wondering about CD player and DAC running 2 possible ways! Have an Ayon Tube CD player and Berkeley DAC and a very cool device called a Synchro Mesh Relocker by Empirical Audio to reduce Jitter! Wondering about any technical differences running from just the CD directly utilizing the Analog Tube Output Stage and Analog Volume Control vs running the Berkeley DAC into the Transport section of the Ayon through the Synchro Mesh Relocker! Also, I am running from my USA Tube Audio RC35 Room Control device! It requires some Volume Control! So the Ayon CD player has it and so does the Berkeley DAC! Wondering if there would be much of a difference between the two set ups! So far I am enjoying both but wondering if the Tubes are making a difference and also the Analog Volume Control vs the Digital one in the DAC. The Synchro Mesh Relocker with Outboard Power Supply and Special Silver Cables for SPDIF Connection! Thank you, Larry

Welcome to the Forum Larry.

I personally can’t help you with this, but there’s plenty of cool cats and kitties here on the forum who I am sure will weigh in with some advice.

Which Berkley DAC do you have. In the not so distant past I considered the Ref 3. The build looks fantastic.


Hi Vince, Thank you for the reply! I just have the Alpha DAC I with some mods. I don’t know what they are! I bought it used and it came with the Synchro Mesh Relocker! Larry

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Just looked this up it looks like a nice piece of kit, more at home in a mastering studio (even though it oughta be room-specific) - I think audiophiles using equipment like this is a good thing :slight_smile:

…but not “accurate” in the strictest sense, and therein may lie your answer:
If it sounds good, do it, and not to worry about which might be technically more accurate.

If you had an input selector (a passive one) before the RC35 you could switch between the two setups at will, if I have understood correctly.
…though A/B switching sometimes ends up liking neither rather than both, which brings me back to my earlier comment, if it sounds good, do it :slight_smile:

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