Android recommendations

Hi, I’m about to purchase an Android device (probably Samsung) to use as a controller for streaming Tidal and ripped files (including hi-Rez and DSD) from Melco N1A to my DirectStream (either USB or Bridge 2). Don’t want anything too expensive but want it to be fully functional and nice to use (I’m used to using an IPad). Does anyone have any recommendations, advise on minimum spec or things to avoid/watch out for? Thanks in advance! Mike.

I did the same. I heard all sorts of good things about BubbleUPnP and wanted to try it but have been an iPad user for a long time. My local office supply store had a really good sale on some tablets (nobis brand) that were cheap to begin with – something like $110 for $80. So I got one.

If my experience is any guide, even the cheapest tablet is functional. BubbleUPnP works just fine.

Nice to use is where you have to decide what you want to spend. The el cheapo thing has no battery life; it barely makes it through an evening of listening. The screen is, not surprisingly, very crude compared to the retina display of a recent iPad. I like BubbleUPnP enough that I now wish I had spent more on a better tablet. Sorry I can’t give you specifics about better models to recommend, but you may benefit from my overall experience.

Thanks, yes, that’s helpful input. Regards, Mike.

My advice is to get the highest screen resolution that you are willing to pay for. At least 1280 for a 7" and 1960 for a 10"+. These should not be too expensive. Specific brand is not too critical these days, Asus, Samsung, Google Nexus… Should be easy to find a 7" well under $200. Try MicroCenter, they have pretty good prices on most everything.

For a controller, a 7" tablet should be good enough, perhaps with the exception of Roon which seems to demand tons of screen real estate. With the exception of Roon (which I do not use, yet) my preference actually leans toward a 7"-8" tablet. Larger just becomes more cumbersome.

All just one person’s opinion, just being offered for consideration. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I was leaning towards 7 or 8 inch as a good compromise and prices are reasonable for that size.

Mr. Mike Marks,

Has Melco released their own APP yet for the N1A?

The dealer I’m about to buy Melco from told me it’s due in May. You’ve got me thinking whether that will be an Apple App and whether it will support Tidal steaming. I’ll check - might save me £100, thanks!

Hi, Melco responded quickly to say new App is imminent but no firm date yet. First release will be IOS with Android to follow. TIdal won’t be in first release, not sure when that will come. So I think I’ll be buying an Android for short to medium term. Cheers, Mike.

Mike Marks said Thanks. I was leaning towards 7 or 8 inch as a good compromise and prices are reasonable for that size.
I had the same need: which tablet to use for the Android UPnP controller when switching from an iPad.

I chose an Asus Nexus 7 and have found this ideal with music served by MinimServer.

Congrats on the new Melco. My limited experience with it was very positive and a great bang for the buck. A new interface will be nice, my only complaint was that the app needed some work. If you are using a computer to serve now you will definitely like what you hear from the Melco.laugh B2 would be the way to go. If you are going to use the android just for running the Melco you might look for a used device.