Another M700 burn in question without speakers hooked up

Just received my M700s. I think I read that I could break in the M700s by playing music without the speakers connected to amps. Is that correct? Sorry but I searched and couldn’t come up with the answer again.

I guess this is what you are referring to

Thanks. I saw what you did. Pretty neat. The reference I was looking for talked about feeding the amps music from a preamp but not connecting speakers or anything else. Ever heard of that?. Will it work and will it hurt anything? Could swear I read it. Thanks

The amp(s) need a load to exercise their output stages. Other parts will ‘cook’ but not the output without a load.

Thank you. I appreciate your help

I have a tuner as one of my sources. If I think I need to burn-in or break-in a new amplification component, pre or power amp, I simply tune between stations with my tuner inter-station mute disabled. The perfect broadband source for burn-in no speakers connected. The entire amplifier gain chain is exercised with white noise. Ok you may not be driving current but you will still be switching the output devices in any amplifier except for pure class A. If you don’t want to put up with music, or noise, for 24/7 get what you can accomplish via burn-in without speakers and be happy. All the input and pre-driver circuity will be nicely cooked.

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Better yet is pink noise. Far less hard on the tweeters. Tip: wire two speakers out of phase and run them face to face. A well matched pair will cancel close to 100%.

Be careful with volume, check it with one speaker first. You won’t get one drop of class A out of the 700s, pure class D efficiency.

Best amps given the size, power, running temp/efficiency. Love mine.