Any Audeze Reveal+ Plugin users?

Anyone have experience with the Reveal+ plug in? I just got the LCD-X and see it is available - but $200 for a plug in? I’ve tried the trial but it won’t seem to email me a PIN. It says it sent it. Resent it…I’m curious, but a plugin that costs more than my operating system…? It had better massage my cochlea for that price. I have jriver 24 into the RME ADI-2 DAC so will the Reveal+ do much more than the RME can’t?

I’m of mixed feelings about it, it does optimize your headphones in terms of frequency, but it also does degrade the sound a little bit with digital graininess. There is always a tradeoff when you try to correct stuff with DSP. I prefer not to use it.

I have the LCD-XC, and unlike say the LCD-4i, you really don’t need to tune it for it to sound good.

Thanks for your input, my wallet is really looking for downvotes on this possible purchase…
(That’s $248 converted into Canadian loonies - that’s like half a tank of GAS right now !!!):money_mouth_face:
I just got a message & link from Audeze regarding the PIN issue - there is a Reveal+ Ver 2.0.0 rolling out soon so they pointed me to the beta version with loading instructions. I’ll try it out tonight BEFORE the Scotch… speaking of loading :woozy_face:
I prefer to call it my :tumbler_glass:Covid :tumbler_glass:Management :tumbler_glass:System.


Good idea to try it before the CMS comes into play! I don’t really think it’s worth it, but if your ears like Ver 2.0 go for it. I didn’t really like what the previous version did, and I just don’t think there is a free lunch with DSP eq.

I completely agree with you, I got it working…and for me, it’s a no. It might be an aid if you have low end phones thru a mid-fi amp, but it just muddifies in my opinion. Some cool sounds, but I don’t see them as improvements. So there’s $250 I can now throw at something else I really don’t need. But ought to have. Not a tank of gas. Something WAY more fun. Cause I’m up $250 now right? It’s hard to get thru the day without a good justification.

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Just saw this, as I just got LCD-X’s for my studio.

The purpose of this plugin is not to make it sound “better”. It is a tool to make your heaphone monitoring in the studio more like the sound of monitoring on speakers in a room, which will result in mixes that translate better to both listening environments.

I could go into more detail about why that is, but will spare you😝

Sorry - I will add this, which may help with the concept for those interested. You put this on your master buss (the final stereo output of your mix) ONLY during monitoring, and only when mixing on headphones.

When you actually “print” the mix, the plugin must be TURNED OFF, or the resulting mix will sound “bad” in proportion to how much of this processing you have been listening through. So - not something for listening for fun or sonic improvement.

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