Any Audeze Reveal+ Plugin users?

Anyone have experience with the Reveal+ plug in? I just got the LCD-X and see it is available - but $200 for a plug in? I’ve tried the trial but it won’t seem to email me a PIN. It says it sent it. Resent it…I’m curious, but a plugin that costs more than my operating system…? It had better massage my cochlea for that price. I have jriver 24 into the RME ADI-2 DAC so will the Reveal+ do much more than the RME can’t?

I’m of mixed feelings about it, it does optimize your headphones in terms of frequency, but it also does degrade the sound a little bit with digital graininess. There is always a tradeoff when you try to correct stuff with DSP. I prefer not to use it.

I have the LCD-XC, and unlike say the LCD-4i, you really don’t need to tune it for it to sound good.

Thanks for your input, my wallet is really looking for downvotes on this possible purchase…
(That’s $248 converted into Canadian loonies - that’s like half a tank of GAS right now !!!):money_mouth_face:
I just got a message & link from Audeze regarding the PIN issue - there is a Reveal+ Ver 2.0.0 rolling out soon so they pointed me to the beta version with loading instructions. I’ll try it out tonight BEFORE the Scotch… speaking of loading :woozy_face:
I prefer to call it my :tumbler_glass:Covid :tumbler_glass:Management :tumbler_glass:System.


Good idea to try it before the CMS comes into play! I don’t really think it’s worth it, but if your ears like Ver 2.0 go for it. I didn’t really like what the previous version did, and I just don’t think there is a free lunch with DSP eq.

I completely agree with you, I got it working…and for me, it’s a no. It might be an aid if you have low end phones thru a mid-fi amp, but it just muddifies in my opinion. Some cool sounds, but I don’t see them as improvements. So there’s $250 I can now throw at something else I really don’t need. But ought to have. Not a tank of gas. Something WAY more fun. Cause I’m up $250 now right? It’s hard to get thru the day without a good justification.

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