Any have hear the anthem str power amp to bhk 250 amp

Hi freínds i am so curious about the anthem str power amp the sound and beaty look with metters but the important is the sound in comparation to the bhk250 amp , the bhk is the best amp i am hear, but the anthem is $6,000 and the looks wow vs bhk 250 $7,500 and prefect sound wow , what you think of the sound quality anthem vs ps audio, thanks alfredo

The Anthems are nice and I’ve actually listened to both their receivers and Stereo Amps. But just like their Parent Company Para-Dig-Em, they are overpriced only due to the Bling Factor. I miss the days when they were Sonic Frontiers where Anthem was created to produce Transistor products.

If I could afford the BHK’s, I would definitely buy them over the Anthems. IMHO.


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Thanks for the advise. :). I like the look of the anthem str amp , but i think the bhk250 sound better

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