Any opinions on these tweaks effectiveness

Do you have positive effectiveness with any of the tweaks:

  • better loudspeaker cable pinding posts (e.g. WBT 0710-Ag)
  • isloation platforms for power supply units (e.g. Finite Elemente Isolation platforms)
  • loudspeaker cable lifters (e.g. Entreq Victoria Cable lifters)
  • wraps around the cable connectors (e.g. Entreq Wraps Infinity Sillver)
  • better loudpeaker spade connectors (e.g. Kryo Spade Connector)

Thanks in advance for your input

Having gone around the tweak roller coaster many times I have my own opinions about this.

As far as high quality connectors I would look for copper based binding posts. WBT are fancy but I think are overpriced. I don’t have as much experience with the others in your list but there are more important things to consider… You might get more bang for your buck replacing caps in your speaker crossovers. But that’s another rabbit hole.

What are your goals? Do you want the best system you can afford? If so start with the best speakers you can afford. Don’t worry about small tweaks until you’ve gotten at least great speakers and a decent source. Small tweaks may offer slight improvements but will not make or break a system. Get your gear to the 90% satisfaction level and then see if there small improvements to be made.

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The connectors will help you tune the sound. Better is subjective. Rhodium/silver contacts will tend to be brighter than copper, for example, and can help if you feel your current configuration is rolled off.

Isolation platforms could improve depth slightly by reducing induced EM noise from vibrations, but it’s less noticeable than cleaning up noise in the power cords, for example. Raising wires off the ground have been known to have a similar effect, but some cables are build with large air gaps that do this as well.

Read the inexpensive tweaks thread for many ideas tried.

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