Any plans on a Stellar DirectStream DAC?

I’m sold on the superiority of DSD in terms of musicality.
I simply can’t listen to Delta Sigma DACs without getting listener fatigue pretty quickly. R2R NOS DACs so far do the trick for me but at a price. Since most of my music collection is in the redbook format I do miss the detail which oversampling adds to the music.

Since Chord offers with the Qutest a FPGA based DAC below $2k I was wondering if PS Audio is considering entering the market with a more affordable scaled down version of their DirectStream DACs.
Since Ted is busy with the Obsidian right now, I don’t expect such a DAC to hit the market anytime soon, yet it’d be still great to know if there are plans at all.


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The Marantz KI Ruby CD Player does something similar it’s not FPGA based (I don’t think) but it does use a custom Marantz chipset for converting everything to 2 x DSD. It’s supposed to sound quite similar to their SA-10 flagship player - which sounds really good. You can use it as a DAC too. Now it is out of the $2K price range as it is $3.5K but it is a lot cheaper than the Directstream Dac/DMP combo.

Unfortunately here in Europe the KI Ruby costs around $5k, so it’s not an option.

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Currently no plans for a downmarket FPGA based DAC but that may change over time.


This “downmarket” guy (me) is waitiing in the wings Paul. Once I get The Stack paid off…LOL. I did another mod on my setup (next Video soon).

So no hurry on my part.