Any readers here? Whatcha reading right now?

I’ve loved re-reading the A. A. Fair B.Cool and Lam series, especially these early ones. This is one of the two that Bertha Cool handles pretty much alone.



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A very interesting book. I wish it were presented a bit differently and not “novelized” in a way. But a timely tale.

Stories of your life and others - Ted Chiang

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To whomever reminded me that I hadn’t read Lonesome Dove, thank you! I finished it this morning and it was every bit as great as its reputation.

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It’s a fun, quick read.

The rest of the books are not as good, getting repetitious and predictable. I read them anyway as I inhale books, but I do not recommend them unless you have fallen in love with the characters.

'S alright.


Rereading “Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus.”


My first encounter with “Gothic Horror” . I first read it at age nine and have reread it every ten years or so. What was considered a horror story by the standards of the day, is now considered modern science fiction as our knowledge of science has increased.

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This is my first rereading since high school. I’m struck this time by the moral and philosophical implications of Frankenstein’s actions. As a kid I was only in it for the horror thrill. It raises some pretty profound questions.


Being a Wilson owner, this was a lovely read. I’m almost done. There were moments of laughter, tears, and sadness. Unexpected emotions but a good read.


Had never heard of this. Beautiful job they did on it. My Biggest Book ever so far🤠

had to put it on a heavy music stand.


Beautiful and by one of the most influential thinkers in 20th Century psychology. Looks like the type of book where you would want to wear thin, white cotton gloves when handling it.

Wonderful! I did not know this recreation existed.

Languished for decades with the family and in a vault. While he didn’t exactly say it shouldn’t be published, it was assumed it shouldn’t be by the trustees until the grandkids met with the editor. Published finally in 2009.