Any review of the m1200? Have long time

Where is everyone?
I am Currently listening to my rig and what I have to agree with everyone at PS is that the M 1200’s have unlimited head-room! WOW!!!


Yes! I agree more reviews please! Has anyone compared the M1200 to BHK 300’s?

Maybe interesting for the german readers. There are 2 reviews (part 1 and part 2) of the M1200 in combination with GCDAC and P3. Very interesting:
part 1)
part 2)
Result ? Extraordinaire :-))

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@sandrock Beautiful as always! The elegance of these amps in conjunction with the massive abundance of headroom allows for astonishing realism and sense of space. (A fantastic setup like yours certainly helps as well :smile:)

@juergen I wish there was a better way to translate these. I’ll trust that the results were extraordinaire though.

@jamesh Thank you for noticing my rig!
You are right in that having a rig that has visual eye-appeal is important. It’s the first thing one see’s even before the rig makes a sound. Call it “eye-candy” if you like. The nice thing is that not only does my rig look ‘together’ but it also sounds fantastic and I have the new M1200’s to thank for that!

So you see, I now have a full 360 degrees of enjoyment! Hubba, Hubba…

Oh, I/we were wondering what speakers you are currently using?

Mine are modified/improved VR-2’s by Von Schweikert.
However, I am real interested in up-grading my current floor standers and have high hopes that the new PSA speakers will do the trick!
I only concern is will they materialize before I lose my hearing?..

Right now I’m running with a pair of Monitor Audio Silver series.
The Von Schweikerts are damn good. The few times I’ve heard a pair, I was certain something weird was going on. The center image was so well defined I was sure there was a center speaker hidden somewhere.

I’m really hoping they do. Progress has been slow, but progress none the less.

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@jamesh Thank you for sharing your current choice of speakers that you are using. But to fully see the picture, are they the 500’s, 300’s or 200’s? Just wondering that’s all!

With regards to my VR-2’s and Von Schweikert speakers in general, what makes them so good I think is the 180 degrees of horizontal dispersion.
Their ‘center-channel’ image is without doubt a big reason that they sound so good!
My speakers have actually disappeared.
All I see is the cabinets looking straight ahead as if they were god-like statues!

I do not hear any sound emanating from them, but from all around them, from the left and from the right. It’s stunning…

What the M1200’s are now doing is complementing the VR-2’s dispersion and giving me a fabulous large image. It’s big, strong, solid, detailed and totally transparent.

Plus I actually recently heard for the first time with the 12’s, how much more headroom there is.
I was astounded and in no way did I even think that it got close to its limit. Something up until now I have not experienced to the degree that I did with the 12’s.
And I felt it was not all that it could give. They are amazing amps!

Something that the M700’s also do, but to a lesser extent.
But the M-1200’s knock it out of the park.

Thanks for giving me a morsel of hope with regards to the new PSA speakers.
Perhaps I will only be bed ridden when they arrive? Wahoo… I am ready!

500s for now. The mids and highs are rich with that sparkle I really like. However, bass leaves quite a lot to be desired. Like most speakers, it’s obligatory to add a sub with them!!

Glad you’re enjoying them so much! Darren really did one heck of a job with these.

Haha, let’s hope this isn’t the case. :laughing:

@jamesh thanks for your reply. I can understand your feelings about integrating a sub into your system!
I too had a hard time accepting that for my system I needed a sub?
For me a floor stander should cover the whole range, nothing needed or subtracted.
However, as the hobby moves forward so does 5he need to continue to make mid course corrections to stay relevant. As the new equipment get better at removing the white noise and one is able to hear further into the recording it requires associated adjustments and a sub is the way to go!
What I have is a Martin Logan 800 with their blue tooth connection to be able to fine tune the sub on the fly while sitting in the hot seat. What an incredible ability and sonic improvement it made to my system. And I might ad all for a grand!
You can’t beat it with a stick!

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I forgot to mention that I want to actually ad another sub for stereo balance. My plan is to place them just inside the VR-2’s Inline with the drivers of the cabinets.

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Just a quick note to advise that for me I would suggest that the M 1200 amps seem to be totally broken in at 600 hours!
If there is any improvement after that mark then I would suggest it’s minimal at best.
But the big changes came first at 500 hours then completed the journey at 600 hours! Give or take…

Is it worth the time and money?
I would say unquestionably YES!
M Y system is so dialed in it is stunning!

Oh and I can fully recommend an album I have recently found that you may enjoy as much as I am doing.
The album is called Covers and it’s by 2 young gals from Sweden who go by the name of Erato.
It’s on Qubuz.
Check it out!
I am very partial to number #8 the Boxer.
I also like very much number 7&9 as well.
Good luck and enjoyable listening

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Added “Covers” by Erato to my Roon queue from Tidal.

It will be a while before i get to it. Thanks for the suggestion!

I’m using and loving the 1200s with a DirectStream DAC (no preamp), and a Stellar Power Plant 3 into Sonus faber Concerto Home speakers augmented by two REL T9i subs.

I am curious about the recommendation above to leave the 1200s on all the time. My 1200s and DAC are plugged into the Power Plant. At the end of the night I power off the Power Plant, which as I understand it turns everything off (or puts the 1200s and DAC in stand by).

Does PS Audio recommend a different procedure to get the most out of the 1200s?

My ears are not as finely tuned as others. I thought the 1200s were outstanding right out of the box.

Thanks for any advice.