Anyone heard or own TRL's (Tube Research Labs) The Dude preamp?


Man, there is sooo much to see when it comes to Hi-End audio. Elk, don’t know what the pre-amp was that you posted, but it is so cool. I think that it’s extra cool when somebody comes up with a product that isn’t boxy. And yes, the meter really makes it happen also.


The dagastino preamp looks better in person. It has the gauge as a through back to krell. That’s the krells I have in NC. And the remote is round with little wedges and buttons on top. A supped up looking krell.

It sounded ok.



@topspeed It might sound like a random and odd question but when you mentioned that your Dude has a custom face plate , Since I can’t see the images posted , Is it Glossy Piano Black finish with gold lettering with a matching black metal remote ?