Anyone interested in Magico Q7 MKII?

This one could be yours :stuck_out_tongue:

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over 300 Kgs (I didn’t even look at the price)

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Gulp. Even if won the lottery not sure I could cover freight across the pond for those monoliths. Never mind getting them inside the ole owls nest.

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I have two problems with these speakers.

First, and foremost, I cannot afford them. :slight_smile:

Second, and I am admitting my ignorance when I say this, I can’t shake my impression that they are way over priced in light of their apparent lack of innovation.

By that I mean, they appear to be of conventional design. This suggests to me that, no matter how nice or precise the fit and finish or expensive the materials are, they will be limited in their ability to materially outperform other, similarly designed speakers that sell at a fraction of the cost.

I would sincerely appreciate learning more and hearing from those that know better, with regard to the upper end of the Magico line.


[PS. Don’t get me wrong. I am not opposed to expensive, luxury items and value is in the eye of the beholder and the relative size of one’s pocket book. My comment was really about these speakers potential for excellent performance given their form and function.]

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Bet you get extra discount when buying together with this Statement NAC S1 & NAP S1 system :sunglasses:

I heard the slightly cheaper Magico M3 with the Naim Statement pre and power amplifiers and I found the experience deeply unpleasant and left the room. They were just too much of everything. Very much a matter of taste. The source was the Vertere deck in the background.


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Wow! I don’t know what the TT is but everything else in this picture (from the speaker cables to the equipment racks) pretty much resides at, or near, the top of the food chain in their respective kit categories.

That Naim statement amplifier is really something.

Truly a shame that this (apparent) caliber of equipment did not add up to an absolutely superior aural experience.

Hard to figure out when such things happen…

Is someone selling speakers on this thread? If not, here is the speaker forum…enjoy.

Most of my system has come from this dealer, who has a remarkably good selection of brands catering for all tastes and budgets. There are very few duplicate products. The turntable is a Vertere RG-1 Reference, together with the Reference arm about $70,000, excluding cartridge. The other turntable brands stocked are Mitchell (budget), Linn LP12 (mid price), Tangerine, Brinkman and Kronos (high end). Derek Jenkins, whose company Tangerine took LP12’s to another level, worked in the store until his untimely death last year. Brinkman and Kronos are quite different as Brinkman are direct drive and make a world class phono stage, Kronos is dual belt drive.

They had the only pair of M3 in the UK so they set up this demo with the owner of Vertere and I found the speakers overpowering. Massive bass, massive detail, not a relaxing listen. Some people love that, perhaps Focal on steroids. It’s a level of super-realism that may be great in a large hall, but not to my taste at all in even a fairly large domestic setting. They still stock Magico, I have no idea which ones are on demo.

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The Naim Statement pre and monos are something else. I was a little disappointed the first time I heard them, but have heard them a couple of times since and I have to admit they are all that.