Are PWD XLR and RCA outputs buffered separately?

Sorry if this has been discussed, guys, but I could not find it…

I want to use the PWD MKII’s RCA outputs to send signal to my integrated amp, and also use the XLR outputs to send signal to a subwoofer or two. Is running the two outputs simultaneously the equivalent of using a y-splitter (because they are buffered together)? If this is the case, it may be less likely to be the way I want to go, given the impedance-matching complications that can result.

Thanks for any wisdom!

We do not recommend using both the XLR and RCA at the same time. This is because the output is a balanced transformer and you won’t be happy mixing and matching like that.

Paul McGowan said This is because the output is a balanced transformer.
The PWD has transformer output? I thought that was a new feature of the Direct Stream?

Oops.embarassed My bad. I misread the question. Yes, on the PWD it’s absolutely cool and groovy to do.