Are the PS Audio powerplay servers having issues?

I’ve been getting several powerplay offline event emails recently, I suspect they are erroneous. Normally if my P3 goes offline I subsequently get an email that communications have been restored. I’m getting offline events without any subsequent restored events. This is unusual. I’ve just checked the powerplay server and my P3 is showing online, but I just got an offline event email. Something has gone whacky with powerplay.

Is anybody else experiencing this, or is it just me?

It’s not just you. We switched servers for everything today. It’s why our website’s been down for 6 hours. A job that was supposed to take 1 hour took 6. And the PowerPlay server isn’t connecting. We’re on it.

Is the PowerPlay server still down? I was able to log on yesterday for about 5 minutes, then got kicked off and haven’t been able to log back in.