Are there different versions of the PerfectWave MKII DAC?


I am interested in buying PS Audio PerfectWave MKII DAC with Network bridge. But when browsing all of the offers I noticed that the prices differs from each other very much in some cases. Why is that? Are they multiple versions of this product? And if so, how can I tell them apart?

There is only one hardware version of the Mk II, there are some software variations, but they can be downloaded and installed for free. I can’t explain the wide range of prices other than some folks are looking for a sucker! Quite honestly you should be able to find a unit in the $1300 to $1500 range. May take a while to find one, but PS Audio was selling refurbished units for about $1300 when they were taking them on trade for the DS. Good luck!

And what about MKII DAC and DSD DAC? Is there a difference only in software as well?

The PWD is based on a commercially available chip that does the essential digital to analog conversion, while the DS is built on an FPGA programmed from the ground up by Ted Smith. Totally different appraoch. You can read about the DS in the audio products page on this site where you will find many more details.

pmotz said There is only one hardware version of the Mk II...
Actually there were several versions of the Mk II hardware upgrades depending on which vintage Mk I people had but they are functionally identical.