Assebling DirectStream by upgrade kit with Bridge II

Hello Dennis,

Could you please instruct me on the following.

I have now bought directstream upgrade kit. I have already installed and been using BridgeII on my current PWD MKII. Firmware version 2.9.1 if I remember it right.

My question is do I have to remove and reinstall the BridgeII when upgrading PWD to DirectStream? I’ve read the manual and saw the video on upgrading but there was no Bridge on board.

Do I have to upgrade Bridge firmware at all? before upgrading directstream or after? Could please give me some more information on these matters?

Thank you!

Hello all,

I know my previous question might sound pretty much stupid, but I just want to make 100% sure I assemble the DirectStream correctly.

I had a bad experience with losing BridgeI several years ago and don’t want that to repeat.

Could anyone confirm that the order of firmware upgrading BridgeII and DirectStream itself is not important?

As I said I already have BridgeII running on my PWD mkII firmware 2.9.1.

Do I just assemble DirectStream then upgrade it’s firmware by sd card and then reinstall BrigdeII and upgrade it’s firmware after?

Thank you for my attention to my matter!

Do make sure when you build DirectStream from the PWD that you first upgrade the firmware of PWD using the supplied SD card so the unit knows it is now a DirectStream.

Read the directions carefully and follow them explicitly.

Thank you!