My new PC tower came with a SoundBlaster Titanium card installed. I basically gave that away to a student/gamer who spent a great deal of time configuring the new tower, email, et al.

I now have the Asus Xonar Essence STX (PCIe) card and I am determined, so far anyway, to set it up myself.

Physical installation into the PCIe x1slot was easy enough. But, the nightmare of driver/software - that is another matter. The included install disc is hopelessly out of date and may not be 64 compatible. I did not realize until later in the day that there is a great deal of frustration regarding setup of this card - especially on a 64 platform.

Has anyone out there had any hands-on experience installing the Asus Xonar Essence STX card onto a WIN7 64 platform?

Ah, the Xonar. Brings back fond memories. That precise product was the centerpiece of my first foray into computer audio. It’s a nice product.

I have a Win7 64 machine and found unified Xonar drivers from a third party website that I loved - just what you need, regularly updated, stable, and easy to install. I recommend them.


The stock drivers:

Asus Xonar Essence STX drivers, including 54-bit Win 7.

Elk, I have not heard of that computer series before. 54 bit is an odd structure for a binary machine. :))

I have heard of 12, 24, 36 and 48 bit registers before, but not 54 bit registers much less architecture.



It is the softer, more friendly non-pro version.


It is true. The 54 bit platform is an unheralded foray into the absurd. That aside, if Elk says its the way to go, then that is good enough for me!

The 54 bit platform truly must be a Micro$haft creation. :smiley:


wingsounds13 said: 54 bit is an odd structure for a binary machine.

Makes sense. Probably designed by ancient daoists. Recently they increased the bus width from 54 to full 108.
wingsounds13 said: The 54 bit platform truly must be a Micro$haft creation. :D

Nah, Apple.

It is the platform for the rest of them - friendlier, closed, only five percent of programs run on it.

Oops… You got me there, but then I could not have posted one of my favorite descriptive renames: Micro$haft. :smiley:


You just need a demeaning term for Apple.

It is sitting on nearly $160 billion, roughly 10% of all corporate cash.

I do not think this came from freewill donations.

The only two that I have so far are crApple and Appall. There is always Big Brother but that is only a description and no play on the name.

Anybody have a good one for us tp play with? :smiley:


@rfajardo What did you move up to from the Xonar Essence STX? Did I buy the wrong thing?


I would hesitate to attach a “right” or “wrong” label to it. That being said, moving to the SoTM USB card, which, among other audio tweaks, has the ability to disconnect power to the USB output, was superior in most respects to the SPDIF output of the Xonar.

I did this comparison on a mk1 version of the PWD. I am willing to bet that the differences might be smaller on the mk2 version, given that I have noticed less (not none, however) differences among USB cables and sources.