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I do not usually purposefully collect anything. However about a year ago I said in passing to a retired friend if you see any old tubed radios pick them up for me. My friend spends his free time going to auctions, yard sales and such and he tends to mostly collect tools and then resells them. To date he has sold me 5 working radios, and has given me 2 that do not work. I have paid him $7-10.00 for each radio. I intend to keep them because I think they are cool. The Zenith ones were made in my hometown of Chicago.

Photo one is a German radio that does not work.

Photos 2-4 are Zenith radios that work. I have 2 more radios by different company’s that are not seen here.

They are all considered table top radios.

Please give me some suggestions on how to display them.

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These are really great pictures! I only can play the piano and the guitar, but it is my dream to learn to take pictures professionally.

Those are cool, Dr. Pain!

I collect (and wear) t-shirts from other people’s family reunions. Currently there are 114. :blush: