Audio Dropouts on Windows 10?

Using a Nuwave Dac via usb on a Windows 7 machine no issues. Switched to a Windows 10 machine, with latest PS Audio drivers, and now have dropouts in audio via itunes, foobar, and audacity. Clicks and pops at random during playback and full on dropouts on occasion. Is this a flaw in Windows or does the Nuwave just not play nice with the newer operating system? Sucks because it totally ruins the ability to enjoy this system.

Are there any potential fixes? I’ve tried changing sample rates to no avail. All material is ALAC rips from CDs at 16bit 44.1K

Howdy Bond77,

Something to try - uninstall our audio driver and use the audio driver through Windows.

Prior to Windows 10, Microsoft did not support USB audio 2.0 out of the box which is why we have our Windows driver. They finally added support with Windows 10, so it’s possible we have a driver conflict between our drivers and Window’s.

Thank you Schroedster, I will try that and report back. I did not realize the drivers were not needed for Windows 10. I hope this solves the problem!

To follow up, the short of it is using the native Windows 10 drivers and not the PS Audio ones from this website solved the issue.

However, it is quite a fiasco to undo the installation of the PS Audio drivers. To simply delete them through device manager in windows does not work since the OS will no longer recognize the Nuwave Dac. I had to use system restore to a date prior to the installation of the drivers to get it all working correctly.

My advice to Nuwave Dac owners switching to Windows 10 is to not install the PS Audio drivers. Just plug the device in and use it. A slight nuance, in doing this you will not be able to select 16 bit sampling options from the device properties. Nor will some advanced options be available like room correction but it is worth it for clean playback.

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Thanks for the update and sorry for the trouble with the uninstall. I’m glad to hear you’re up and running, though :grin:

When you say you’re not able to get 16 bit sampling, what exactly do you mean? Are you only able to get less than 16 bits? And which software are you using for room correction? Both of these things should still work. Let me know and I’ll do what I can to find info to get everything back up and running as normal.

Hello Schroedster,

Under device properties on the advanced tab one can select bit depth and sample rate for the DAC. Without the PS Audio drivers only 24 bit options at various sample rates are listed. With the PS Audio drives one could select from 16 bit and 24 bit options.

Also, for room correction it was was under the Enhancements tab when the PS Audio drivers were installed. It is actually a feature of Windows 10 but is no longer present using the native drivers. I do not use it so it is not an issue, I just noticed some of the Enhancements were gone once the PS Audio drivers were removed.

Hmm, how odd. I just checked on a NuWave DAC on Windows 10 and we had all sample rate and bit depth options available… So long as you’re running at a higher bit depth than needed all should be good, so I wouldn’t stress too much.

Hmm, well perhaps there are differences across PC manufacturers. Regardless, it works now and sounds good!

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