Audio Inventions - Engineers needed... Get Rich Quick(?) Scheme # 39

Being a Magnepan owner, for years I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a system that consists of a pair of plates on low ball wheels and a joystick control that ensures that all movements are mirrored and symmetrically equal. Forward, back, closer together, further apart… You place your speakers on the plates and joystick your way to finding the perfect sweet spot. Twisting the joystick will toe in & toe out. It could also be used for room setup service. There you go – I KNOW there are several engineers in this group – some one invent it & I’ll take a pair and 10% of the royalties… . Get rich quick scheme # 39.

I just got my first Maggies, and they are are so much easier to move than my 50 lb spiked Wharfedales.
As a photographer i make a lot of use, or used to, of a VALS–voice activated light stand, aka, my daughter (until she grew up and left home).


Which Mags did you get?
I’ve a set of MG-III with new ribbons & mid panels and re-glued bass panels. I got them for free and refurbished them myself so into them for around $500. I’m itchin to up to the 3.7i but I keep asking - am I going to get $8K worth of improvement joy…? The MG-IIIs DO sound delightful… although, I have a few other pairs of Mags and the old smaller MG-1b for some reason exceed every other Mag in the bass department… Fairly lacking in the highs though.