Audio Physic Virgo I / II

I’ve understood these to be very worthwhile purchases today.
Did the Virgo I set such high standards at its time that I won’t necessarily have to bother with finding a revision II? On the surface they look pretty much identical.
Would you say these are “full-range” speakers? Will they effortlessly give me fast extension down to around 25Hz with a proper amp?

These seem like some of the truly best valued hifishark finds.

The Virgo II’s might be one of the best speakers ever designed. The Virgo I’s are EXTREMELY close however, so either one. Just don’t get the 3’s or later ones. Not bad, just not a “transparent window” like the first Joachim Gerhard designs. Just keep in mind that they are designed to be out in free space but they’re not ideal for a large room. Relatively near field is the ticket.

They won’t hit 25Hz, regardless of amp… know that for a fact as my buddy has a pair of Virgo II’s and I’ve set them up with my Pass XA60.5’s. You’ll have very satisfying and super quick bass however. I don’t think you are really missing and if you do, add a sub (or two!).

The Avanti III’s will get you down towards the mid 20Hz, but they do require a larger room. They do have quick and fast bass and when properly set up they will indeed get you that magical “transparent window” that Audio Physic are famous for. The Avanti III’s are the last speakers Joachim Gerhard was involved with before departing AP. And pretty much everything went downhill from there… Not saying that AP’s are bad, they most definitely are not, but the JG designs are the magical ones.