Audio Sensibility Statement SE Silver OCC XLR 1M [SOLD]

I have four 1 M Audio Sensibility Statement SE Silver OCC XLR interconnects for sale. I have had them for two months. $300 per pair or $550 for all four shipping to CONUS included.

I’ll take one pair. I’m leaving for work now, and won’t be able to arrange payment until later this evening. I suppose if you get another offer in the meantime you should take it.

I’m out of town this week until late Thursday so no rush. They are yours. You can PM me when you are able to complete the transaction.


Hi Terry - I’m available to complete the transaction. You can reach me at my email address It just so happens I’m going to be out of town starting Thursday so we may not be able to wrap this up next week. I’m committed so don’t worry about me changing my mind.


Didn’t see your email until just now. I’m available to send you payment when you’re ready.