Audiohippo's System


Just a point on those speakers…a quick look back through this topic and I’m guessing you’ve had them for 1+ year?

It looks like you still have the protective plastic film on them. Whilst I can’t read what’s written on the yellow sticker, I’ve got a strong hunch that it’s a warning to remove the protective film, which is going to be increasingly difficult to remove the longer that plastic film remains in place. Just saying.

Continue forward on your journey, you’re making some nice progress there.


Then you guess five errors on photos again Brodric…:ok_hand:


This should be a great system and I’ll bet you’re proud. Looks like a lot of work! Let us know how everything works and sound.


It’s great to see people who love their hobby the way you do here - Looks like you have some lovely big rooms and the great drawings.:ok_hand::star::star::star::star::star:






How is that going to work? Those Wilson speakers are too close to side and rear (or front, whatever) wall? You might get away with sealed speakers that close, but ported…??

And those stickers on the side of the speakers need to come off, there is a warning in the owners manual about that (I’m assuming the stickers are on top of the protective plastic film…it’s that film that must come off).


Oh and the system update is as follows:

  • Audio Research REF6
  • Dan D’Agostino Momentum S250
  • PS Audio Directstream DAC + Transport + P10
  • Wilson Audio Alexia + Mezzo
  • Krix Atmospherix A20
  • Bryston SP3 + 9BSST2
  • Velodyne DD15
  • JVC X7900
  • Panasonic UB900