Audiophile Fuses: FOR SALE Individually, in groups, or by the whole bundle for $300



Used Fuses, 60-70% off the new retail price.

All fuses are 20mm, slow blow unless otherwise indicated.

5 Amp Black Synergistic Research fuse, $36.00
2 Amp Black Synergistic Research fast blow fuse, $36.00
10 Amp Blue Synergistic Research NEW fuse, $90.00 (SOLD)
5 Amp Red Synergistic Research, 3 fuses, $110.00
2 Amp Black Synergistic Research, 2 fuses, $70.00 (SOLD)
10 Amp Black Supreme Hi-Fi Tuning, $15.00 (SOLD)
5 Amp Black Supreme Hi-Fi Tuning, 4 fuses, $60.00
250m Amp Black Supreme Hi-Fi Tuning, $15.00
6.3 Amp Black Supreme Hi-Fi Tuning, 2 fuses, $30.00 (SOLD)
1.0 Amp Black Supreme Hi-Fi Tuning, 4 fuses, $60.00
6.3 Amp Isoclean, 2 fuses, $24.00
2.5 Amp Isoclean fuse, $12.00
5 Amp Isoclean fuse, $12.00 (SOLD)
1.6 Amp Isoclean NEW fuse, $12.00
1.25 Amp Silver Star Hi-Fi Tuning, 2 fuses, $8.00
1.6 Amp Silver Star Hi-Fi Tuning, 4 fuses, $16.00
6.3 Amp Silver Star Hi-Fi Tuning, 2 fuses, $8.00 (SOLD)
5 Amp Silver Star Hi-Fi Tuning, 2 fuses, $8.00
1 Amp Silver Gold Hi-Fi Tuning fuse, $4.00
7 amp Amp Silver Star Hi-Fi Tuning fuse Large 32 mm, $4.00

With a purchase of $75 or more, I will include your choice of a group of the below fuses for free.

MIsc, 32mm large Glass, 10 fuses
Misc 20mm Glass, 10 fuses
1 Amp generic ceramic fuse, 6 fuses
2 Amp generic ceramic fuse, 4 fuses (SOLD)
3.15 Amp generic ceramic fuse, 3 fuses
5 Amp generic ceramic fuse, 2 fuses.


Holy Sh*t - that’s a lot of fuses


Price reduced.


Price reduced further.


Are you willing to sell 4 of them separately? Thanks.


Which four, and what monetary amount do you propose?


I don’t see a way to private message on here, but feel free to email me at (removed) and we can discuss.

@Elk (below) - Thanks I missed it somehow


To send a private message, simply click on the user’s Avatar.


Thanks again ELK.
jimmywho, I sent you a PM.


I’d there were some 4A, I’d get em for my Maggies.


Sorry I don’t have Maggie’s size, but you must have other equipment which might benefit from fuse upgrades.


Hi Dr. Pain do you still have these for sale? I was interested in the 6.3 amp Hi-Fi tuning supreme fuses (both) and possibly the both the silver star Hi-Fi tuning of 6.3 amp as well. Feel free to pm me.
Edit: oh and also the black synergistic 2a slow blow (both)


Yes I still have these. I sent you a PM


Maybe some of the 2a ceramic fuses. Payment just sent.

Thanks so much!


I have 2 SR 20 FAST BLOW 4A 500V Quantum fuses that came out of my Maggie 1.7i that I sold recently I have the orignal boxs and call sell them shipped for $ 75.00 shipped I have checked the continuity on them and they are in good shape and hardly used them for a year or so if you still need them let me know