Audioquest Vodka HDMI close out sale

FYI Music direct has a Audioquest Vodka HDMI close out sale. 1m $119.95 2m $169.95 good deal if you need a decent I2S cable.


@paul172: I acquired a 1M and .5M PSA HDMI cable when I bought my second-hand DMP. You would not happen to have any first-hand experience with regard to how the Vodka might stack up against the PSA HDMI cables for DMP to DSD use would you?

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately I don’t have experience with the PSA HDMI I’m sure there are forum members that do.

Thanks anyway.


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Thanks for the tip @paul172

Bought one. It will replace a AQ Carbon for i2s use. I have a shorter Vodka in another spot. The two meter one was a deal.

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I did the same. Carbon to Vodka.

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Ended up going back to buy a shorter one too. Timing is everything. Thank you for putting out the information.

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Thanks for the tip! Just ordered 1m. I have a gently pre-owned Stellar DAC on the way, so now I can try out the fabled I2S hookup from the PWT.

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Thanks! I bought one too!!

I bought one and prefer it over the stock PSA cable. Most notable to my ears is deeper and wider soundstage. Unlike other cables, sounded good right out of the box. Hoping more will be revealed.

Ouch. No 1m cables left.

Thanks for the feedback/response.

Looks like they’re all gone. I bought three of them in November.