Audirvana Volume issue

I have the Stellar Gain Cell DAC and use Audirvana. So my Volume is either MAX or no Vol. I had an ifi NANO with Parasound Preamp plugged it in and everything worked. Now after I traded up in equipment I’m having problems. No matter if I set "Enable DAC or disable DAC still the same. When I get no Volume I get static like if you selected a radio station and it was not on the right frequency just loud static without any sign of music mixed in. So I’m going to send it back for another unit but thought I would ask here first.

Hi jim,

Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry to hear that you are having this issue. The Stellar Gain Cell DAC’s DAC only mode disables the preamplifier and outputs the signal at line level. With this feature turned off you should be able to adjust the volume with the volume knob. At no time should there be loud static noise. We’re concerned that there may be an issue with your Stellar DAC. Since you are having trouble I recommend you reach out to us at

This way we can take a closer look at that Stellar Gain Cell DAC and better understand what is happening and get you taken care of.


  • Jeremy