Auralic Aries Extreme Streamer Bridge Group Buy and Updates



Most of you know that this much anticipated firmware will allow the Aries to stream up to DSD 2x (5.6) & 384/32 via USB directly from your Hard Drive into your DirectStream or other USB DAC. That’s right - NO COMPUTER NEEDED.

Yes, you will still be able to stream using your computer but now you will have the option of a CLOSED SYSTEM (see below):

HD>USB>ARIES>USB>DIRECTSTREAM (or other USB DAC - but why would you use any other DAC but the DS?)

I need to put together a minimum order for existing and future clients.

There is a plethora of information on web. Start with Computer Audiophile, Audio Stream, 6moons,

Here is a TAS review (out of date) to get you started:

PM me for details & BIG savings. Sorry - only ordering the EXTREME version.


I ordered 20 units as well after testing one. Mostly to be able to share agressive pricing with friends. If you don’t hit the minimum order, I can help you out from my stock. ( 6 units left). ( full warranty)

i agree, it is a no brainier with the PWD, DS OR ANY DAC. Great SQ and rock solid connectivity.

gordon said I ordered 20 units as well after testing one. Mostly to be able to share aggressive pricing with friends. If you don't hit the minimum order, I can help you out from my stock. ( 6 units left). ( full warranty)

i agree, it is a no brainier with the PWD, DS OR ANY DAC. Great SQ and rock solid connectivity.

I urge Forum members to buy up Gordon’s remaining supply. We are offering the Aries to our clients as a service and part of installation. I just need to hit a number for maximum discount.

BTW Gordon, The Aries Extreme is now the Aries and what was the Aries is now the Aries LE (Light Edition). Clear as mud?


I think I answered all the PM’s. If I didn’t please try again. I am just back from a 5+ hour install in Hampstead, NC and a bit blurry of brain. Single Malt time.


Clarification: Perhaps I was somewhat less than clear as to “The Plan.”

I am looking at putting together a group buy of 10 Aries [nee Aries Extreme]. 10 units are already per-sold to our existing clients. Buying 10 additional units for a total of 20 will lower our cost.

If you would like to be one of the 10 and wish to save significantly, then you should contact me.

Caveat - I will not be offering tech support other than to our customers for whom we do installs. Nor am I looking for a back-and-forth over the merits of the Aries vs. Whatever.

You will receive 100% USA Manufacturer Warranty.

So, if you want it and want to save - contact me.

Shiloh the Golden Retreiver said Nor am I looking for a back-and-forth over the merits of the Aries vs. Whatever.
Discussion of the Aries and its pending firmware updated accordingly moved to here.


Thank you all for your support. Only have 3 units left to sell. For those of you who have sent PM’s & called do not worry - you are covered. By late November you will get you confirmation notice & invoice.

Enjoy the savings!!!



2 left to sell


1 left to sell!!

Thank you all fro your support and enjoy the savings.


Placing order week of 11/24. After that, who knows when ordering again? Still 1 left in the Group Buy category.

Again, If you have contacted me and placed an intent-to-buy-order, you are covered. Every forum member is getting the same discount.

Thank so many of you for your support.

Christopher & Shiloh


For everyone who has placed an intent-to-buy order: I am just waiting for the announcement of the 2.0 Firmware. As soon as that is release I will send out invoices.

I prefer to order units with FW 2.0 factory installed.


If you have my personal contact email & phone number, please use them. There is no reason to stay within the PSA message system. This is Paul’s site. Making the initial announcement on the Forum was one thing. I do not want to become a guest who overstays his welcome.

So, If you have placed an Intent Order, you have my contact information. I will no longer respond to Forum PM’s (on this topic). If you are a 1st time Aries inquirer, of course I will respond and give you the contact information.

Thank you for understanding



Good Morning Group Buy Members!

Because of our level of Intent To Buy Orders you may now reduce the quoted price by $100.00 USD! I had to add the USD because I had not idea the extent this Forum reaches.

I am still waiting until I can order our Aries (nee Extreme) units with factory installed FW 2.0.

Please remember, if you have my direct contact email & phone numbers, please use them.

Thank you, Christopher


Big news for Auralic Group Buy Members! First, the group buy price has been reduced by $100.00. This applies both retroactively and to future members.

The V.1.10 Firmware is set for release. I received the following announcement from Auralic late last night:

"The new firmware that will enable USB disk playback function will come on Tuesday next week (25th November). The version number will be 1.10, please be prepared for the update!

Yes, it will not be named as V2.0. Our software team have decided to reserve the major version number ‘2’ for a coming version, a version with much bigger change in functionality and usability. It is coming on January 2015, a totally redesigned firmware and Lightning DS software structure."

So, as soon as I confirm that I will be able to order new Aries (nee Extreme) Streaming Bridges with firmware V.1.10 installed, I will be contacting those who have contacted me with “Intent To Buy Orders” with delivery & payment information.

Christopher, Cape Fear Cable Company (CFCC)


Good morning Aries Group Buy Members: Placing order for the Aries with latest firmware (HD USB direct connection) the 1st week of December. Those of you who have signed up will hear from then.

For potential members, tick-tock.

Will not be long now!

Auralic Aries Fact Sheet:


Sweet… happy-132_gif



PM sent


The update to enable the Aries USB input was released and working well. What an interesting feeling to turn off the computer and still play music. Just like the old transport days but with the benefit of a digital library. I can still use the computer connection for archived or files played less often, so the best of both worlds. You guys are all gonna have fun when you get yours.

If you live in Eastern Canada, I have left in stock and next shipment [for me] will be in February.



I’ve been using the Aries that way since day one… All my music is on a Synology Nas so no computer needs to be on at all… Also fwiw Minimserver is awesome, super stable and very easy to install on the Nas…

And Christopher,

I don’t understand why you keep putting off ordering the unit’s waiting for different firmware versions? I turned my Aries on last night it said there’s an update, hit yes and went to bed…Turned it on this morning and ta-da… version 1.10 no big deal…It’s not as if an Aries from the factory with 1.10 installed is any different…


yes NAS or computer.

I guess I should have said “without network storage.” I have a test set of files of various resolutions and formats including DSD on a stick so presentations and friends who bring their favorite tracks over is a breeze. The way it should be.

Glad you are enjoying yours too.